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We offer a comprehensive range of solar and renewable solutions throughout Sussex, covering Brighton, Hove, Bexhill, Hastings, Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

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Why use solar or renewable energy?

There are some compelling reasons why we should use renewable energy for our homes and businesses, here in the UK.

For one, it saves money on long term energy costs. Installing solar panels or other renewable sources does require an upfront investment, but over time you'll recoup those costs and more through lower electricity bills. Going green pays off!

Another benefit is that renewable energy allows us to be less reliant on the National Grid. By generating our own clean power, unexpected price hikes can be avoided. And if the grid goes down for some reason, the lights stay on.

It makes sense for our homes and businesses to take advantage of renewables. Cost savings and greater energy independence mean it is the sensible choice for both homes and businesses.

Environmentally friendly

Solar energy is environmentally friendly. As a source of renewable energy, it is much safer for the environment than any energy created by burning fossil fuels. Using solar energy helps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and contributes to creating a better world for the future.

Reduces your energy bills

Relying on solar energy will dramatically reduce your energy bills. Rather than relying on the grid, and having to pay each month for all of the energy that you use, you can use your own solar energy for free. With the right package, you could even have complete energy independence!

Improves the value of your home

The benefits of solar panels appeal to many, and so installing solar panels will increase the value of your home. Whether you’re renting or selling a property, solar panels can make it a much more desirable property.

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Complete Solar & Renewables provide solar power systems along with other efficient energy solutions tailored to suit your needs.

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Complete Solar & Renewables Ltd provide solar power systems along with other efficient energy solutions tailored to suit your needs.

We are an independent, Sussex-based business with both domestic and commercial customers located across the UK.

We offer free quotations, surveys and a full installation service.

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The whole team were friendly, hard-working and efficient from start to finish. Well done!

A great team. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and with very high standards of workmanship

A very successful solar panel installation by this excellent company. Courteous and knowledgeable staff who completed the work promptly

Very professional efficient service. Were able to resolve a long standing electrical issue which others could not.

Excellent professional service. From the initial visit to the final installation of my solar panels, inverter and battery, the team responded quickly and efficiently. I was kept informed throughout and given choices where relevant. Highly recommended

Local company providing the kind of service you would hope for, professional, good value, and doing what they said they would do, on time. Both office staff and installation team great to deal with

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